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Lookout Mountain (the song)
Wheaton (the song)

Rockwood (LP - 1974) - $10.00 (Long out-of-print, a box of these turned up recently, still factory sealed.)

Mind the Gap (CD - 2001) - $12.00 (Unlike my other CD's, this one was burned and labeled by hand, and is intended for those who heard me in the '70's.) SOLD OUT.

Sweet Rain (CD - 1999) - $10.00

The Way Of A Pilgrim (CD - 1999) - $10.00

The Way Of A Pilgrim (Cassette - 1992) - $5.00

Governor Dodge (CD - 2003) - SOLD OUT

"Randy York" guitar picks (gold on white) - SOLD OUT

Mail your order to: Rand York / 206 Fulton Street / West Chicago, IL 60185. Postage and handling are already included in the price. Checks should be made out to Rand York. Thank you for your interest, and enjoy the music!

This 1953 Gibson L-50 is the guitar I took to Explo '72. No, it is not for sale.