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Lookout Mountain (the song)
Wheaton (the song)

Brad Nelson and Rand York - 1975

Rand York and Dave Clausen - 1977

A Band of Brothers (L-R): Sam Smith (Heavy Light), Kerry Livgren (Kansas), Mark Hollingsworth, Dave Hope (Kansas), Rand York - 1981

I grew up on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and came north to the Chicago area to attend Wheaton College. I played coast to coast in the 1970's at colleges, coffeehouses, churches, prisons, bars, and anyplace else folks would gather to listen (yes, that was me you saw at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem). Some venues were central to the Jesus Music Revolution of the 1970's, such as: Adam's Apple in Ft. Wayne, Bill Hybels' Son City, The Joyful Noise in Chicago Ridge, Koinonia in Nashville, and Yellow Deli in Chattanooga. Others were off the beaten path, and they could often be the most rewarding experiences. I have had the privilege of playing on the same stage with the Archers, Randy Matthews, James Ward, Gary Chapman, Noel Paul Stookey, Shalom, Aslyn, Andy Pratt, and many others. I even did a little backup guitar for Greg Waybright back then. Albums from that era included Rockwood (1974), Candle Wax (1976), Midnight to Breakfast (1977), One for the Road (1978). I loved doing it, and if you heard me then I would love to hear from you now! Old habits die hard, and I still play and record. Since family and work supercede, appearances are limited to church as well as an occasional conference or fundraiser. Current CDs include: The Way of a Pilgrim, Sweet Rain, Mind the Gap (for folks who heard me in the '70's), and Governor Dodge.

In 1982 I married Kay Frost, whom I had known when we were both in college, and we have 5 children: Colin, Nathan, Mary, Annie, and Caroline. Colin is married, and he and Emily have a son named Cash (after the Man in Black himself) and a daughter named Stella (she's a star!). Today, I work in the Managed Futures industry for Efficient Capital Management, LLC. 

Kay Elizabeth Frost at the 1978 Sandwich County Fair